Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tutorial root samsung galaxy s2 with CF

1. make sure the kernel type, seen from the settings> about phone> at the baseband version, kernel version, sm build number.
2. notice in the kernel version, View the last 3 digits.
3. download odin, and CF-kernel root file according to the your phone kernel
4. if so, extract Odin.
5. do not forget. extract the zip kernel until you see the file. tar
6. go into download mode,
7. already entered, an then push the volume up, to continue
8. switch to the computer, turn on to Odin, and then plug the phone into the computer, via USB, I would suggest disabled kiess 2.0 first
9. in Odin, MAKESURE!! check box repartion is NOT checked !!!!!!!
10. click the PDA button, entering the file. tar suitable firmware that had you donwload
11. already?? we press the START button !!!!!! Odin's time to work !!!!!
12. after Odin finished, then reboot itself, the first phase is finished!

If already Installed / ever rooting using a CF-Root before  
doing the following ways:
- Copy the zip file to your SD card
- Stop sharing an SD card with the computer over USB, unplug the cable, etc
- Applications -> CWM -> Flash kernel. Select the ZIP file on your SD card.
- Done

-Download Mode = SGS2 in the Power Off, then press the Home button + Power + Volume Down in unison.
-Recovery Mode = SGS2 in the Power Off, then press the Home button + Power + Volume Up in unison.

Odin V.1.85


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