Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to Root LG Optimus One with z4root


Steps to root LG Optimus One:
  1. download z4root app from android market, or you can get from here
  2. copy to SD card then install using file manager
  3. run z4root app then select permanent root
  4. wait a minut... the it will reboot
  5. after rooted, now busybox and superuser has installed

firmware v10e cannot rooted by this way, so check your optimus by home -> setting -> about phone -> software version

for v10e use this GingerBreak APK (uncheck star mark)

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  1. it`s working on my P500 2.3.3 !!!

    1. i try with my lg p500 but the after root download my phone just come back to home screen !

  2. i have v2 version of gingerbread, and unable to installed plz help

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