Saturday, October 29, 2011

auto text in android

The steps:

  1. first you need to have a Smart Keyboard Pro, please download it here
  2. and then download auto text here namely
  3. put both files on sd card
  4. install Smart Keyboard Pro
  5. after installed put '' in the sd card / smart keyboard pro /
  6. open setting>>locale and text>> and then checklist Sart Keyboard Pro
  7. select backup setting, choose restore from sd card, confirm OK or Yes
  8. back, select Text Prediction
  9. Auto Capitalization (Check) Show sugestion (Check) Auto compate (Check) Space after picking (Check) Always sugest (Check)
  10. otherwise unchecked no matter
  11. back again to locale and text
  12. Select Input Method choose Smart Pro Keyboard
  13. good luck

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