Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Compete with Siri, Android Presents Iris

CALIFORNIA - Android developer team, Dexetra has created a clone of Apple's Siri, namely Iris.

Siri is a voice application, such as 'personal assistant' which became a major feature on the iPhone 4S, and Apple expects to increase sales of new smartphones in the presence of such features.

As reported by ITP, Wednesday (10/26/2011), when Apple launched the iPhone 4S, millions of tweets flowing contains new features Apple's admiration for them. Consequently Dexetra admiration of people responding to Siri, by making Android fans proud of something that the team was created.

The results of hard work Dexetra it called Iris (the opposite of Siri). Dexetra said in his blog, "All of a sudden I got the urge to do something similar for Android."

In eight hours Dexetra successful 'create the layout with a decent design', and add voice input and text-to-speech. "

Dexetra gave Iris to the Android Market, and now it can be downloaded by the user

Source: Okezone.com

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