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Free ebook for android developer

Learn Java for Android Development

This book provides a guide for beginners in Java who want to develop Android applications. As we know that Android uses Java as its main programming language.

Pre-requisite of this book assumes that we have a basic knowledge of programming. That's all. You will be guided to know Java as a programming language and also as a platform.

This book explains virtually all aspects required to learn Java. Although this book does not discuss about the implementation of Java on making Android but this book is more than enough to learn Java.

Object Oriented features are also described in this book even though we do not explain the concept in depth. Only explain about these features alone. The book also provides questions on each end of the chapter which can be used for the review of our understanding of the chapter.

Not just an introduction to the language of this book is also a discussion about the APIs that are often used in Java. Examples of the use of the API are also included in the form of program code. This book can also be used as a reference book Java for Android development.

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Pro Android Media

This book provides a reference for studying the charts, music, videos in the development of Android applications. This book provides tips and tricks for applying the media on our application. This book assumes you have the background to build Android applications because the discussion in this book directly with the code approaches.

Approach to explanation in the book is done by giving an explanation of a simple code examples and then making a small application.

Operating with such image Capturing, Editing, and Camera discussed quite complete book of this, enough to provide the basis for developers.

In addition to the operation of the image are also discussed operations for Audio. These operations include how to play the audio, making Player, Media Store for Audio. Audio is played also be retrieved from the Network. This section discussed a bit about streaming audio and audio recording.

Video operation is also discussed with almost the same format with audio. Streaming and capture are also discussed in this section.

It also talks briefly about the operation of the network by using HTTP REST client. How to use a web service provided by public APIs are also discussed briefly in this book

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Android Wireless Development

This book was complete. Guide and provide an explanation for Developers new to the Android. The book also discusses the subject in detail.

Tools to build Android also discussed in detail in this book. So we can better understand the environment we work environment. Theory and practice is quite balanced at this book.

For those who want to build a client server application this book also includes the use of Networking API in Android. The examples given quite detailed and the best practice in its use in real world applications.

Android features like GPS, 3D also with implementation examples in this book. Android NDK or Native Development also discussed step by step to start with simple sample.

The latest features such as backup for the Android store, multitouch gestures are also discussed.

This book also provides guidance to provide guidance on the question of compatibility, testing and localization is very important before we deploy the application. These topics often neglected in mobile development. Methodology and way of development for mobile applications too little discussed. Many Best practice design to the deployment of applications are also discussed in this book.

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Android in Action

Android in Action book is a revision of the book Unlocking Android. This book was the issue of manning so that its contents can be ascertained depth.

This book explains in depth introduction to the Android platform. The language used in this book is also easy to understand although it should be read carefully.

Components of Android are most fundamental such as Activity, Intent, Service, Broadcast Receiver, Content Providers.

Use of Android and Eclipse tools are also described and fitted the image making it easier for readers to understand the material provided. This book also includes sample code that can be tried alone program by the readers.

Best practices for the use and combination of each component are also given. For those who want to create client server applications using the Android, networking is discussed to support that goal. Concepts such as socket, http, rest, and web services by clearly discussed in chapter network.

Foundation for learning game development is also discussed about the graphics, OpenGL, and animation. Discussion of the use of GPS and Map provided with less clear.

This book gives an explanation to combine all separate concepts that have been studied previously to be applied and combined in the manufacture of real world applications. Examples discussed include server code written using PHP and MySql.

One of the things this book is unique in building applications with less using the C language that can be run from the shell android. Because Linux is made by using the C language so that communication is very smooth. Applications built a socket application that is accessed from the Activity android.

In addition the book also discusses about Web development, widgets, NDK.

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Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours
This book is similar delivery model-similar to the book Hello, Android: Introducing Google's Mobile Web Development but more cool. Who discussed here because of the fairly complete tables. Starting from how to develop, scratch later in the iteration continues until finally publishes to the market. Complete one lifecycle.

It is certain trips and tricks are included and accompanied by clear step-step. This book is suitable for self-learning because in every chapter there is given the task so we invited to thinkers and understand what has been taught the concept of the chapter. So our understanding is sharper.

Discussion of tools and how to debug the application is also included in this book while teaching how to apply them in the project.

Detailed steps in building applications ranging from how to design create a skeleton and prototyping are also described. To be sure the things important to clear up an application discussed in this book. Read this book actually led to learning by doing because everything I've learned absolutely clear how its implementation in the field.

The approach in each chapter is taking some of the features of the android and applies them in the project. The discussion also covers up to the network, best practice and also the relationship between one component with another component.

The book also discusses things to consider before we publish our application to the market. These include localization, differences in devices, configuration management. Until testing and publishing applications are also discussed. This book is a must-read in my opinion.


The Android Developer Cookbooks
This book is suitable for use for a quick reference regarding who should be our task to do. His name is also Cookbook. So this book is treated as we use the dictionary only. If we have a task to be done then we are clay in the area of ​​what difficulties and find solutions in this book. Hopefully there are recipes there.

Nevertheless, this book not lists the code or snippets only, but also include an explanation of the code. So we also do not just copy and paste the code but could understand the concept behind the code. Quote book really android companion when coding.

Common programming tasks are discussed clearly in this book. Each chapter tackles one topic and it lists problems commonly found in the topic.

It also talks about the sensors and hardware interfaces. Networking, HTTP connection with JSON is also discussed briefly along with examples. Connection with one of the twitter social networking is also discussed.

This book is still just had published. So it is still fresh. Discuss on one of the features of Android 2.2 as the Android Backup manager. The things rarely discussed in other books such as Android natively-built Component using c + + is also discussed briefly.

Discuss of debugging are also included in this book. Quote debugging must be managed by each developer. We become more easily trace the problem though is better to use test for the approach.


Android Games
This book is devoted to game development and for developers who already have

android basic programming skills, C, and also works with Linux. Because this book of many things to do with Linux like to compile native code. Although it could also be done with windows but this book uses Linux.

We are led also how to create games and gives an overview of the architecture of the game and is accompanied by step by step. Many source code that must be in download from the Internet to facilitate the implementation of the tutorial in the course of this book.

Previously expected developers have fundamental knowledge about the game programming sprites, etc. collation detection.

With 3D Graphics Programming is divided into two, namely by using OpenGL and optimize Native with C. This book is a lot of work with native code. And communicate with java. This book is quite serious delivery.


Unlocking Android
As usual, manning published books along with the concepts and in-depth explanation. So to read this book should already have basic first. And this book is guided to deepen the concept behind the code so that we can program with a more mature again.

The book also requires an understanding of concepts and explanations in this book is quite comprehensive and touches aspects required in real world development. Line code is described in detail so that the concept of floating and not really understandable. Best practice in this book is also good to sharpen our skills in one area.

Networking is also discussed in this book than TCP, HTTP and REST. Animation little mention in this book.


Android Application Development: Programming with Google SDK
 This book explore how development using eclipse. Submission of model is the exploration of the source code of existing applications and explain the parts code and concepts behind it. Use of tools in eclipse and explore the steps. There is little to discuss about the MVC UI Architecture.


Hello, Android: Introducing Google’s Mobile Web Development

His book is not too serious because of its delivery relaxed even though it is quite heavy anyway. This is because the application is built here is a Sudoku game application. Since this book was created games then discussed also about 2D Graphics, Multimedia. Audio and Video and its application is in the sample application. So the content is presented in this book interesting to follow.

Explanation of the theory is quite brief and accompanied by an explanation code. Tips and tricks provided by Submission of of fun. This book is suitable for beginners who just moved to the android as it contains an introduction and directly guided on how to build applications from scratch.

Things are often done and are found in the development discussed in this book although it does not touch the thing until details or advanced. Just touch the ordinary things done and encountered in the development. To gain experience developing applications of this book is quite easy to follow and light.


Pro Android 2
Beginning Android only touches the basics only. This book has been given advance level. Cool features of the android is discussed in more detail. Levels of this book went along with Professional Android Application Development 2. These concepts are discussed in the beginning android again but deeper level and detail.

Advanced things like 2D Animation, 3D, text To speech, multimedia is also discussed in this book. Not to forget the basic components such as Activity, Service, Intent, Content Provider, the receiver is discussed in depth.

But this book is mostly theories and pieces of code. So we are not guided to build small applications. If we want to become expert then this book should be read. Be careful. This book is not intended for people who want to build applications quickly and look for references how the steps.

This book has a monster chapter flat so it should really wait to read his book. Also must have good reading skills. Because his book is quite thick.

Special cases and tricky and profound concepts discussed here. This book can be used to find out about the specific topic and want to deepen about the topic. It's really going deeper n deeper with android. We really need to read it seriously and it is very difficult if we are only skimming

There is one chapter that discusses the development of Android applications using web development approach. So, we made android application using css, js and html. This is done by using titanium. Also this book is also accompanied by an explanation about the android market.


Beginning Android 2

The title is also beginning, so it really was intended for introduction. So the approach is done by providing examples of code and a brief theory. The core of this book is to give a first impression and introduction on how developing on android.

The author of this book are people who are quite active on the mailing list android developers. So it was natural that this book is its quality is guaranteed.

Each chapter is accompanied by demos and sample programs. Although there are some chapters that explanation is not too detailed because it only touches kulit2nya so must explore deeper. We must be more to explore how the implementation of source code book. Because the existing code in the book is partly just a pieces of it. Therefore should we download the source code of this book from Apress advance so it is easy to follow.

This book is a lot of peeling on the User Interface components. Almost all UI components are commonly used are discussed in this book. Discussion of development tools such as ddms and supporting tools for developing android briefly discussed. Also accompanied by further reference to learn more in android, android resource for learning, mailing lists, wiki.


Professional Android 2 Application Development

This one book has been published both editions. From what we can know enough demand Quote this book. So it is worth to read is a must. Did not disappoint. Moreover, the author of this book a true experience in android since it first came out. This book discusses a brief introduction about car development, android and how do I start coding with the android.

Each chapter in this book begins with a concept and then there is practical application of the concept. Its clear step by step. So we can know the use of new concepts that are taught directly. Best practice is also directly embedded in our brains. Because directly in practice. These concepts are also dijelasin book of this in detail. Until things are the details. Best practice in this book are also things that must to know for android developers.

Chapters in this book is well organized. The components were deemed related to put together and discussed how the combination of use (integration) component in its application in the real world. Practices in the field on how to build applications clearly illustrated in this book. What should be done can be seen from the examples in each chapter.

There be some samples in this book are implemented in various ways so that we can compare these implementations choices and what suits our needs.

This book is quite detailed enough so pages. Yes must have patience to read it. It can not be instant. Pretty thick book. Things that need to be considered in the design also shelled on this book. In theory a lot. Quote do not like to read this book is really boring. Because full of things that detail. Submission of the book is quite serious that should really have the ability to concentrate and a good read.


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