Sunday, October 30, 2011

Root Motorola Backflip

Root Motorola Backflip

Root process requires a PC / laptop which is then connected to the phone using a data cable. phone should also have a microSD.

I assume the rooting process is implemented in the PC / laptop using the windows operating system.

Before process of root, the preparations that needed are:

  • Install adb on your PC / laptop. Please download it here. Take that in accordance with the operating system your PC / laptop.
  • Install the 'motorola usb driver' in the PC / laptop. Please download it here. Take a motorola 4.7.1 drivers motoconnect.
  • Download the files to root. Please download it here. May need to make a user id first before you can download.
  • Extract 'rooting file' above to a folder that's easy to access. I put in c: \ backflip
  • Download from the market 'ConnectBot' and install on mobile phone

Preparing motorola backflip:
  • Plug moto to the PC / laptop using a data cable
  • Make sure USB debugging mode is active. The way is go to the "Settings-> Applications-> Development. Then tick" USB debugging ".
  • Make sure the connection mode to PC / laptop is "PC Mode (Charge Only)"
Start doing rooting from PC / laptop:
  1. Type "cmd" in start menu windows (without quotes). The screen command prompt will appear.
  2. Type "cd 'location' sdk \ tools" at the command prompt windows
  3. Type "adb devices" at the command prompt. Later will come the list of connected devices. If not means a PC / laptop has not been successful in detecting our devices. Try to re-connect the data cable again.
  4. Type "adb push c: \ backflip \ Superuser.apk / sdcard / Superuser.apk"
  5. Type "adb push c: \ backflip \ su / sdcard / su"
  6. type "adb push c: \ backflip \ rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin / data/local/tmp/rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin"
  7. Type "adb push c: \ backflip \ / data / local / tmp /"
  8. Type "adb shell"
  9. Type "cd /data/local/tmp"
  10. Type "chmod 0755 rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin"
  11. Type "chmod 0755"

    Now we turn to the device in a state still connected to a PC / laptop:
    • Run 'connectbot' that have previously been downloaded
    • Login as localhost
    • Type "cd / data / local / tmp"
    • Type "./rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin"
    • Wait until it says below. 
     Forked xxxx childs.

    • Press enter and type "exit"
    • Run back ConnectBot
    • Type "/ data / local / tmp /". If there is not any message, it means that process of root successfully.
    • Type "exit"
    • Type "exit"

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