Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S froyo to gingerbread XWJVH

Files you need :
  1. Fimware XWJVH : Download
  2. Driver Samsung Galaxy s installed on your computer in order to can be read when connect to odindownload
  3. Odin 1.3 : download
  4. Download Pit 512 : download  
if your computer has been installed Kies please shut down first of all if it is not possible is often problematic in that connection failed. to not bother, just delete Kies and install the drivers that I give.

Before you start flashing, remember backup your data first,
-For Back-up Contact
select a contact and press menu option. choose from a selection of import / export ..

select export to sd card

 if you want to restore select import contact data from sd card ..
one thing in mind, you need a micro sd memory to do the things above.

-Back up the SMS,
Use the SMS program back up and restore, if you do not have please Download here: Download
How to use a very simple, just choose back up to back up, to restore just select restore. very easy.

-Back up applications and data please use the program Titanium Pro: Download
Terms your hp already rooted and have superuser application.
How  to use: select a batch, select run back upp user apps + data system.
if after the completion of the upgrade fimware want to restore first go to settings, aplications, development, debugging usb it on the checklist.
select run restore data with missing apps .. just select that you want to restore or all at once .. one thing you should remember when upgrading fimware want to use this application must be rooted as well. fimware XWJVH read way to rooting..
remember, don't restore the system associated with the previous rom. restore error will cause your phone crashes.
before the restore should note that will be restored.

Before flashing should enter menu recovery wipe chace and wipe data.

1. Open Odin 1.3,
2. Fimware file you downloaded earlier once extracted would consist of 3 files.
there using the name pda, phone, and csc in the prefix.
enter into their respective places. pda to pda, phone to phone and csc to csc.
For those who still use Froyo fimware must enter the pit and repartition on the checklist,

-after all is good right now is time to your phone get into download mode.
-connect your phone to a computer via data cable.
-if detected in the program section odin id: com will turn yellow like the example image above.
-if it is now time to press start.
wait for all of its finished until it says pass on Odin, never unplug the data cable before it is finished .. your phone will start the flash .. if successful will reboot and Congratulations your phone is installed with the latest fimware.


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