Sunday, October 30, 2011

a few explanation about app2sd

There are 3 types of app2sd :

  1. app2sd normal (not partition sdcard) usually use 'move2sd enabler' and app2sd application, all files that we installed it can be moved to the sdcard, but even though, not everything can be moved to the SDCARD (maybe some system files app still in the internal memory) so, more and more, the internal memory will be more fill up quickly if you install many apps. The benefits is not bother to partition ..
  2. App2sd normal (use partition sdcard) The principle is just like the first reply, just the internal memory that used is less than the first one .. so one day later on the internal memory will be full if you've installed a lot of app, but it's much longer than the first.
  3. Extreem App2sd. If this, all apps actually installed into sdcard, so the internal memory will not be full, even though many application installed .. But this one takes that class sdcard high, in order not to lagging at least class 4 .. ...

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