Thursday, October 27, 2011

Android is a 'stolen product' !!!

CALIFORNIA - Steve Jobs said that he would spend his last breath to fight Google's Android operating system, because he thinks Android is a 'stolen product'. The statement was contained in the biography of the founder of Apple was would soon will be released.

This was stated by the Associated Press, after obtaining a copy of the book 'Steve Jobs', written by biographer and former Time executive, Walter Isaacson that will released on October 24. Similarly, as reported by Apple Insider, Friday (10/21/2011).

While this is not the first bigrafi about Jobs, but this book is the only one which was formally endorsed by Jobs.

According to reports, Isaacson wrote a 'harsh words full of curses' Jobs given to him about Android, after the introduction of an HTC phone in January 2011.

"I will spend the last breath of a dying, if need be I will spend every penny of Apple as much as $ 40 Billion in the bank, to make things right," said Jobs.


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