Friday, October 21, 2011

Advanced Facebook

Organized in different way focusing on friends
* Widget feature: It can be registered as a widget on homescreen. Update the news feed on widget automatically
(To add widget, go to Menu Key -> Add -> Android Widget -> "Advanced Facebook". And press "BACK KEY" instead of home key)
* Feed Tab: read and write news feeds of each friends. Choose "me" to see my own news feeds.
- Click on "!" icon to see notifications.
* Like Tab: show what your friends "like"
* Event Tab: See the events friends are attending. Sync it to phone calendar.
- Go to Event Tab and click on event to expand. Pressing "ACCEPT" button will automatically sync it to phone calendar.
- Sync friends event too on their event tab.
- Sync friends' birthday.
* Photo Tab: Click on picture to see/add comments. Create new album. Download and Upload multiple photos at once.
* Chat Tab: On line facebook chatting. (Available in "My Home")

**Life Time Warranty: If you don't like, please send me an mail to refund anytime.

Download apk Advanced_facebook_v3.6.26

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