Saturday, May 28, 2011

CAUTION! 21 Apps in Android Market Is Malware

Google has just withdraw 21 applications from the Android Market. According to Google, all applications were suspected as malware designed to gain root access from Android devices owned by users. Access was then used to retrieve various types of data and thereafter used to download some code. Unfortunately, users do not know if there is a 'thief' in the Android device they uses.

Although Google has withdraw 21 applications, but in total all the applications in question have been downloaded by about 50,000 users of Android.

All applications that are very dangerous because it is a 'bootleg' of the original application which has been very popular among users and Android. For example, an application called Chess will make users think it is a normal chess game, but it turns out when it is played, some data from the Android device will be stolen.

When a user downloading one of the 21 applications that the application will perform rooting Android devices using methods such as 'rageagainstthecage' then use Android executable files (GER) to obtain data, such as what is used is also the provider user ID. Furthermore, the application will act as a secret exit quietly carry away the codes of Android devices.

Here's a list of the 21 malicious applications that were withdrawn from Google's Android Market. If you feel you've downloading one of them, make sure you replace the SIM card with new number because you do not know for certain whether the Android phone data was still safe or not. And also keep in mind not to conduct online transactions for a while.

- Falling Down
- Super Guitar Solo
- Super History Eraser
- Photo Editor
- Super Ringtone Maker
- Super Sex Positions
- Hot Sexy Videos
- Chess
- 下坠滚球 > Fall Ball
- Hilton Sex Sound
- Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls
- Falling Ball Dodge
- Scientific Calculator
- Dice Roller
- 躲避弹球 > Dodge Ball
- Advanced Currency Converter
- APP Uninstaller
- 几何战机_PewPew
- Funny Paint
- Spider Man
- 蜘蛛侠 > Spider-Man

Each time download applications from the AndroidMarket, make sure you read all the information and reviews that accompany the application you want to download. This is important because the Android Market is 'open' which on the one side is very profitable, but on the other hand could only bring disasters such as the presence of malware on 21 above.

Open source OS like Android is vulnerable once affected by different kinds of viruses and malware. Even according to Kaspersky, for the moment there are about 70 types of malware that attacks Android apps. And that number will continue to grow even more.

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